The following is a personal collection of some of my favorite video projects that I have worked on as an individual contractor throughout the last few years.


Video Photography, creative direction, storyboard and editing by Zoé Alexander. Violet Crush is a pop/rock band based out of Corpus Christi, TX. Equipment used: Canon 5D Mark III, multiple lenses, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects


This video was part of an Adobe open-call for video editors. We were allowed to download the assets and use our imaginations to create a winning video. This was my submission. Software used: Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects


This is a presentation platform for BuyDRM. The opening title credit and music was provided to me by the client however I generated the presentation, pulsing pages music placement and animation throughout by using the following Adobe applications: Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop. 


This was a video project that I came up with as a part of my portfolio submission to the University of Texas Art Dept. It is based by my view of what is currently happening with our society's pop culture youth.

I had shot this video with both my iphone4 and my Canon 20D. The stills were also shot with my Canon 20D.  Other than the newspaper clippings, the rest is 100% my creation from start to finish. Enjoy!