Lately, I have been entertaining the idea of making music videos. This was inspired by a video I had to make during my application process to the University of Texas-Austin’s art school. During the time I had made the following video, I was starting to become annoyed on how today’s pop culture has taken a turn for the worst. Yes, even during my time as a teen we looked up to pop stars like Madonna and Brittany Spears, for example, but I can not remember a time when we looked up to people as role models for becoming famous for nothing. The sadder part is that it seems today’s youth seem to be consumed by wanting to be like the women who have become famous for “accidentally” flashing their privates or being in a sex video while speaking like uneducated idiots with their baby-talk. Sadly, these are the women who are now dominating reality television, magazines, and merchandise and dictating through example how a girl should dress, speak, and act. It’s true that they are smart enough to cash in on their “brand” but what true morals are they teaching the children of this country?

This is why I felt inspired to make my artistic statement regarding the above and incorporate my own life experiences through this video. Please be aware that there are some graphic images so be aware of who is around before watching this video.